About Us

We are seeking experienced agents from the cruise line or from other travel agencies who want to work from home. 

Our Vacations Division focuses on helping clients find the perfect vacation for themselves and/or their families.  We book cruises, all-inclusive resorts, hotels, land packages, and more!

Our Events Division focuses on any event, on land or at sea.  We book company meetings, incentive trips, church groups, family reunions, school alumni trips and more.  We also have a FUNdraising department that can use a group event to raise money for your favorite cause!    Our streamlined process takes all the work off of you so you can focus on just promoting the event.

Our Weddings and Honeymoons Division focuses on making those “little girl dreams” come true.  You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl; let us help your dreams come true.    From destination weddings, to a perfect honeymoon, we do it all!

Groups/Individuals We can book 1 person or thousands of people.  Best of all, most of our services are free because we are paid by the vendors to bring them business.  

Connie's Story

Connie Saunders, founder and CEO, of Total Travel and Events, Inc., has a passion for this business.  Her team of loyal crew members are all focused on customer service and friendliness.

Total Travel & Events continues to receive excellent feedback from all their clients because they are treated with integrity and each booking is made as if it were being made for a close friend.  This had led many of Total Travel & Events’ clients to book repeat trips and groups with Connie and her staff.

Connie began booking travel and events in the 1980s when she put a few regional meetings together for her employer.  In 2004, she went full-time into the travel business. 

Originally the company was called “Your Cruise Agents” because that is mostly what the company focused on.  They mostly booked cruises for vacations, groups, families and events.   

As the clients’ needs changed, they began to book other venues, like all-inclusive resorts, meetings, destination weddings, honeymoons, and more. 

In 2013, “Your Cruise Agents” changed to “Total Travel & Events” which more closely reflects the work that they do.   Also Total Travel began to expand by adding Independent Travel Advisors to their team and Join Total Travel was born.   Join Total Travel trains new advisors, and mentors existing advisors to help them grow their own business while enjoying the benefits of travel.    

Through the years, Connie and Total Travel have been involved in several extremely successful philanthropy efforts that provided FUNdraising for groups like Breast Cancer Survivors, Cancer Patients, Military Groups, and most recently the Food Insecurity Program.   Connie believes in giving back, and also works helps make “Dreams Come True” in Jacksonville, FL.  Learn more about Travel Wishes.

In 2018, Total Travel once again expanded and added Total Travel Wine Cruises and Total Travel Wine Trips to their portfolio of companies.   Total Travel Wine Cruises offers wine groups a wonderful way to travel the world and experience fantastic epicurean adventures that pair wine, food and travel.  What a great way to see the world!!!  Total Travel Wine Trips offers expertise planning services for individual and small group wine trips to in America to Napa, Sonoma, and in Europe to Italy, France and more!

In 2019, Total Travel founder, Connie Saunders joined Maureen Basye as co-founders of Celiac Cruise, Inc.   Celiac Cruise’s goal is to provide an incredible, gluten-free vacation experience, while providing and educational, cohesive community of togetherness for their guests.    Celiac Cruise’s inaugural sailing was January 2020 and was a huge success with more than 500 guests on board.   Celiac Cruise now offers sailings around the world.

2020 was infamous because of Covid-19, and the complete travel shut down for 15 months, but Total Travel & Events Group, including all divisions and companies survived the pandemic.  Their agents worked with every client to make sure that all their funds were refunded, or they received future credit for a future trip.   It took many months, but in the end, Total Travel’s reputation stood firm, and every client was made whole.

As the world reopens in 2021, Total Travel is ready to assist all of our clients as they once again begin to enjoy traveling.   Every booking counts, and we are grateful for each one of our clients.

Connie and her staff look forward to working with you!

Behind Our Name

The name Total Travel was inspired by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s rendition of Total Praise  that speaks about peace and strength in the storms of life, and giving total thanks and praise to God for how He has richly blessed us.   Connie’s deep rooted faith is projected throughout Total Travel by the way they honor every client, and treat each client with love and respect.